23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 1


ACTUAL war in Egypt is not entirely over. It was announced on Wednesday that Damietta had surrendered, but on Thursday it was known that the 6,000 negro troops there concen- trated had refused the terms offered them, and intended to make a stand. Whether their General, Abdellal Pasha, was leading them, or was a prisoner, was uncertain; but on Thursday, General Wood received orders to attack Damietta with his brigade, aided by the fire from the Fleet. The resistance ought not to be very formidable, but the negroes are stubborn soldiers, far superior physically to the Egyptians, and probably not desirous of going back to the Soudan. They were among the best defenders of Alexandria, and might, there is no doubt, with good officers and wise treatment, be made into most formidable troops. It would be quite in accord with the usual run of affairs, if one place in Egypt were well defended, just to show what might have occurred.