23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 2

The Archbishop of York has not been very successful in

his Thanksgiving Prayer for the Egyptian victory. He words it thus :—" We glorify Thee for the late victory granted to our Army, whereby, as in a moment, peace has been restored to Egypt, the highway between England and our Indian Empire has been made safe, and the pursuits of peace have already been resumed by the Egyptian people. Teach us to see that Thy hand hath done it, that Thou wast in the midst of our camp, to deliver us, and to give up our enemies before us. Bring us all to love and fear Thee, and to put our trust under the shadow of Thy wings." The prayer is addressed to Almighty God, not to man, and there is something positively ludicrous, as well as sor- did, in instructing God as to what our British " interests " are. If Dr. Thomson had a son who was sick and recovered, would he word his thanksgiving thus ?—" I thank Thee, 0 Lord, that my son has been restored to me, whereby my soul is rejoiced, and I have been saved his funeral expenses."