23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 2

The mania for assassination now threatens the Emperor of Austria.

He has been visiting Trieste, which has now belonged to his House for exactly 500 years, to open an Exhibition. A party among the citizens, however, wish for annexation to Italy, and a party among Italians sympathise with their desire ; and the police discovered that some twenty young men in Udine, chiefly deserters from the Army, had resolved to assassinate the Emperor. The lot fell to one of their number, a native of Trieste, named Agostino Rossi, but called Overdank, fromhis mother, who prepared two Orsini bombs, to throw at the Imperial cavalcade as it traversed Trieste. Overdank was arrested on the frontier, fired at the police, and, it is said, avows his intention to have thrown his bombs, as "Italy's welcome to the Hapsburg." A worse crime could hardly be conceived, as the restoration of Trieste to Italy is practically impossible, while either Austria or Germany exists. Five hundred years of possession is surely a fair title, and there is no proof whatever that a majority of the people of Trieste are opposed to the existing dynasty. On the contrary, the Emperor's welcome, especially after the news had spread, was most enthusiastic.