23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 2

The Tories cannot contain their wrath at being compelled to

acknowledge that Liberals will, on due cause shown, protect civilisation and the great interests of the country by war. Very few of them, however, we hope, would consent to reconcile ap- proval of Mr. Gladstone's policy with hatred of Mr. Gladstone, as Lord Bury did at Christchurch, on Monday. This Peer—he was called up as Lord Ashford—after taking all the credit of the preparations for Lord Beaconsfield's Government, in which he was Tinder-Secretary for War, "thought they would not be very far from the truth, if they said that a very old dodge of the Govern- ment had been performed. They had felt they were losing power at home, and looked about for some foreign question by which they could rally their supporters ; and he thought it would be fcsund that the war was precipitated in order to re-establish Mr. Gladstone's reputation, which had been failing in consequence of his Irish policy." In other words, Mr. Gladstone is an atrocious hypocrite, who objected to war, but would wage it causelessly to keep himself in power. 'Why not accuse him at once of taking a bribe from the Bondholders ? It would be just as credible a charge, far more effective, and involve a little responsibility.