23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 22

Egypt under its Khedives. By Edwin do Leon. (Sampson Low

and Co.)—Mr. do Leon published this book for the first time about five years ago, and it is a testimony to its merits that he is now, though events have moved rapidly in the interval, able to recall it to the attention of readers without misgiving. He saw a good deal of Said Pasha and of Ismail, and while preferring the former, has a good word also to say for the latter. And he certainly points out distinct blots in the system which has afforded such justification for the complaint that Egypt is governed for the benefit of the foreigner. One point is the extravagant salaries paid to foreign employ4s. "Sitting at Shopheard's table d'hôte ome day," he says, "T saw six of these new employs side by side, whose collective salaries amounted to more than 220,000 per annum, and bat four out of the six held high positions, the other two being clerks in departments." Many, too, he says, are really incompetent, for want of knowledge of Arabic,.