23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 3

A remarkable exhibition of loathers is proceeding at the Agricultural

Hall. Every kind, of leather is here shown, front the tanned skins of reindeer to the commonest thick leather used for ploughmen's boots. Every known method of tanning is also exhibited, and numerous substitutes for leather, one of which, invented by Mr. H. Lowenberg, is certainly wonderfully supple and. strong. Still, however, the one thing required by the masses of the people—a material for boots which shall be durable, yet exceedingly cheap—is not exhibited.. The cost of boots is the most severe of all the clothing expenses borne by the poor, and. it is difficult to believe that it is unavoidable. Is it impossible to manufacture a substance as durable as the strongest leather out of which boots can be made at 2s. 6d. a. pair, yet leave a profit to the maker? It is a composition that is wanted, so that the expense of sewing may be avoided.