23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 3

It is difficult to interest Englishmen in Peru, but the

amount of human suffering now endured there should not pass without notice. The Peruvians either cannot or will not form a govern- ment able to conclude peace with Chili, and their leaders are commencing a patriotic but useless guerilla war. The Chilians, who cannot sufficiently occupy the territory to govern it, endeav- our to suppress this war by excessive severity. According to the Panama Star, the Chilian Generals have issued. orders that every town which gives shelter to the guerilleros shall be burned, and they certainly are levying fines by threats of fire. No quar- ter is given on either side,.aud prisoners who have submitted are shot. Trade has, of course, ceased ; even agriculture is interrupted ; and it is stated that the wealthy in Lima are pawning jewels to obtain the necessaiies of life. No hope appears to be entertained. of a cessation of the conflict, which will throw Peru back into utter barbarism, the wild. tribes, which can retreat into the forest, being too strong for the few whites who will be left. No European Power can interfere, and the Americans are not prepared for a naval war with Chilians. The Chilians, though victorious, must be gradually exhausting them. selves ; and war, conducted for years in such a way, is enough to brutalise a whole people.