23 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 3

The Liverpool Daily Post gives an account of a new

gas, patented by a Mr. J. Dixon, which • will, it believes, supersede coal gas. The gas, which is called " metallic gas," is pro- duced from metals or their constituents under intense heat ; burns with six times the illuminating power of coal gas, as used in Liverpool ; and can be sold through existing. Companies at

" One-tenth" of the cost, or at all events, far below the cheapest gas now used. The light destroys nothing, has no smell, and, is of a clear, brilliant white. If this account is correct, the nevss will be pleasant, both to the Gas Companies, which are thus armed with a new weapon against the electric light, and to the public, which wants for its streets a much cheaper and. much brighter light. A great deal of mind is just now expended on the improvement of light- ing, but nobody gives us the thing most required,—a bright, cheap light, which can be carried about in the hand. Candles give no light, and lamps are troublesome and dirty,

be involving nvolving the danger of explosion. What is wanted is a metal Pencil, which will burn twelve hours without renewal, and give the light of an ordinary fiiih-tail gas-burner.