24 APRIL 1936, Page 20

&a—The building of a Cathedral in the newly - constituted

[To the Editor of Tim SPECTATOR.]

diocese of Guildford comes as an encouragement, if not indeed as an inspiration, to many Christian hearts. It is not perhaps everywhere realised that in the present age, when the Church is sometimes accused, I do not think justly, of having- lost

her influence over the lives of the people she has again begun the building of Cathedrals. For, until the other day, the youngest of English Cathedrals may be said to have been St. Paul's. The stately Cathedral of Liverpool, and now the projected Cathedral of Guildford, are in some sense replies to pessimistic views respecting the life and the work of the Church. These new Cathedrals will be elevating and sanctifying forces in the national history ; but still more will they be abiding witnesses to the imperishable faith of the Church in the ultimate triumph of her Divinely ordered mission in the world.—! remain, Sir, your obedient servant,