24 APRIL 1936, Page 20

[To the Editor of TIIE SPECTATOR.] Stit,—The choice is becoming

clear to professing Christians, either that they must abdicate and retire from the fray or else produce a quality of life and an interior discipline equal

and superior to the other totalitarian movements that are competing for the domination of the world. If the Church is to move as the hymn describes: it, "like a mighty army,"

her leaders and Councils must display a daring and a strategy

as effective as that which the Nazis, Fascists, or Conummists display for their systems. With such a lead the Churches Would no longerbe hospitals only, they will be filled with keen spirits knowing that they have the answer to -all needs.

Mr. Wells, in The Anatomy of Frustration—No. 13, writes: "A vast Kulturkampf lies between mankind and peace. We must go through that battle—it will have to be an effort as extensive as a -world war and far more prolonged. Upon the organisation and co-ordination of thousands of students and men of experience discussing and publishing "freely, helping and stimulating one - another, depends the possibility of an advance into enduring plenty. And at present there is nothing in the wide world to represent the vital science needed but a few scattered professors and specialists working with negligible resources and the disconnectedness of amateurs."

Some of us have been recently in Denmark and have taken part in the work of the Oxford Group during the past year which culminated in the remarkable demonstration at 011erup attended by 60,000 people. Here a nation, given strong spiritual leadership from its Primate and leading Clergy, has become conscious of a spiritual destiny so that not only are its Cathedrals and Churches thronged but its men and women are dedicating themselves to the service of their own and other countries.

This movement adumbrated by Mr. Wells is already with us, it is in over fifty nations, and the leaven is slowly penetrating the lump. Given a strong lead by the Churches and a united Christian front, this country could be aroused and brought back to the faith of her fathers on which the Empire has been founded. Losing her life she would find it, for she would supply the spiritual leadership, the God-controlled and God-directed policy that alone is adequate to reconstruct the world.

The Churches would then be thronged not with people thinking in terms of what is provided for them, but with men and women worshipping God and offering themselves as instruments in His creative plan.—I am, Sir, &e.,