24 APRIL 1936, Page 22


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—The news that Italy proposes to abolish slavery in the conquered territories of Ethiopia is doubtless all to the good, but if the measure of justice meted out to the inhabitants is on a par with that accorded to the late German-speaking South Tyrol, then the poor benighted savage will be out of the frying-pan into the fire.

The systematic extermination of everything possible con- nected with Tyrolese traditions and language has been carried out with that ruthless efficiency which now appears to be inseparable from Italian Fascism, in spite of the solemn promises which Italy gave at the annexation and occupation of the country. Few can deny. that Italy has benefited by Fascism in many ways, but the present policy can only serve to alienate the sympathy Of all true admirers of the land of Garibaldi and Cavour. If anyone doubts the facts he is free to consult Dr. E. Reut-Nicolussi's book, Tyrol unter dein Beil, or the English translation by K. L. Montgomery, published

by George Allen and Unwin, Ltd. •

The University, St. Andrews. D. E. INN. Es,