24 AUGUST 1833, Page 10

As soon as possible after the risingof Parliament, we intend

to exhibit in the Spectator,.


This is an instrument whereby the fidelity and integrity of the Members of the First Reformed House of Commons may be ascertained at a glance. By means of graduated columns, marginal indications, and certain arithmetical quicksilver, the Constituency of any city, county, district, or borough, may learn without trouble, on applying their Member's name to the test, how far he has adhered to or de- parted from his promises and their expectations. The instrument will be so con- trived as to measure the sum total of any Member's fidelity, and also to indicate the course he has taken upon any particular question or subdivision of his duty. A- Key will accompany the PARLIAMENTARY BAROMETER; showing the nature and importance of all the great questions that have been discussed in the present Session,with a list of those to which Members had pledged their faith. On turning from this Key to the Barometer, it will be instantly seen how the pledge has been redeemed, and generally, how high the individual stands, according to this new and useful method of gauging the political atmosphere.

The day of publication will be fixed in another notice. In the mean time, all who have any information to offer on the respective compacts between Constituencies and Members, whether by direct pledges or otherwise, will be pleased to trans- mit their communications without delay, properly authenticated, and the postage paid.

As a specimen of the sort of information we want, we subjoin an extract from one of the contributions we have already received in consequence of the former insertion of this notice. •


Northern Division of the County of Durham J H.LAMETON, Esq. Sir H. WILLIAMSON, Bart, Boroughs of Gateshead CDTHRERT BIPPON, Esq.

CONDITIONS on which the support of the above Constituencies was given and accepted-

" The carrying into effect the various measures-of Reform expected from a Parliament freely chosen by the People. viz. 1. A most rigid economy in every branch of the National Expenditure. 2. Abolition of all Monopolies and Sinecures, and of all Pensions, except such as are or may be granted for great public services. 3. A more equal distribution of the Revenues of the Church.

4. A speedy revision and amendment of the Corn Laws.

5. An immediate mitigation of the Criminal Code.

6. The speedy Abolition of Slavery.

7. The Shortening the Duration of Parliaments.

8. An equality in the Taxation of all species of Property.

9. The Preservation and Improvement of all Laws for the Security of' Publics Liberty ; cited

0. The Abrogation or Amelioration of all such as impede the progress of Knowledge."

How the three Members in question fulfilled the conditions of their election, is known to us.; but we reserve the expose for the BAROMETER.