24 AUGUST 1833, Page 10



The House of Lords met this day at twelve o'clock ; when the re- ports on the Bank Charter and Factory Bills were received, and both ordered to be read a third time on Monday next.

The Hduse of Commons also met this morning. The amendments made by the Lords in the East India and China Trade Bills were agreed to.- The Tithes Stay of Suits Bill was read a third time, and passed : it was then carried up to the Lords.

Some questions relative to the policy pursued by this country in re- gard to Turkish and Portuguese affairs were put by Colonel EVANS to Lord PALMERSTON, but elicited no information.

Mr. MURRAY gave notice of his intention to bring in a bill for the re- peal of the Foreign. Enlistment Act next session.

Several petitions were presented; and the House adjourned, on the motion of Lord ALTHORP, to Wednesday next.