24 AUGUST 1833, Page 2

It appears certain that the absolute Minister ZEA. BERMUDEZ is

all-powerful at Madrid at the present important crisis. The following development of his policy is copied from the private correspondence of the Times. The motives which the writer assigns for his late proceedings are at least probable.

" Don Carlos, who is well informed of the state and progress of the King's health, and of all that is going on, has lately repaired to Castel-Rodrigo, which is near the Spanish crontier. In the event of the King's death, he would be in fladrid in three days. Under such circumstances, it is hardly possible not to Iblelieve that what is suspected-by many persons has some foundation in regard to Id. de Zea's manoeuvres; and that, on an understanding with the Northern Powers of Europe, and with Don Carlos himself, he is taking measures that the may to the throne should be kept clear for the latter, and entirely closed to the slaughter of the King. It is hardly possible to entertain any other view of M. sla Zea's intention and object. He caused Don Carlos to be sent to Portugal before the fora. He could not render him a better service. He has since con- trived to bring about delay in the execution of the orders transmitted to Don Carlos, that lie should quit Portugal; and now it is affirmed he is in continual correspondence with Don Carlos, through M. Cordova, and is disposing every- thing so as to render the Infant's accession to the throne an easy matter."