24 AUGUST 1833, Page 2



The gloom which pervaded the Money Market at the close of the last week, has continued throughout the present. On Monday and Tuesday, little business was done; the English Funds with difficulty maintaining their prices ; but on Wednesday a decline of 4 per cent. in the 3 per Cent. Consols took place, that Stock having been sold at 884. During yesterday, the market was heavy; and this morning various unfavourable rumours on the subject of our Foreign rela- tions, combined with an increased scarcity of money, produced a temporary panic among the holders of Stock. Consols rapidly fell to 886; at which price some considerable purchases having been made, the market gradually rallied, and closed this evening at €38 4.

In the Foreign Market, little or no business was done in the early part of the week ; every description of Stock receding from the prices mentioned in our last ; with the exception of Brazilian, which, in consequence of the arrival of letters from Rio Janeiro, stating that an advance of 3 per cent. had taken place in the local Stock, was considerably in favour, and was at one time as high as 75 ;sit however speedily fell back to '73. Portuguese Stock was slightly in de- mand on Tuesday ; but ekaggerated statements having been confidently circu- lated to-day as to the strength of the army under BOUAMONT and his intention to make a decisive effort against Lisbon, the Scrip fell to 20i; it has since re- covered, and left off at 211 22. The Bonds, which were done on Tuesday at 90, closed to-day at 86i to 87. In the Belgian and Dutch Stocks, very few trans- actions have taken place ; the former left off at 951 to 96, the latter at 501 I. Spanish Stock has been done at 211, and closed at 22*.

The only Shares which have been at all sought after, are those of the Com. pany for the Improvement of the Navigation of the Rio Duce, which are at about 1 premium. The Shares in the proposed Banking Companies are as yet very little inquired for.


We have but little doing in the English Market; and Consols, which left off yesterday at 88i 4, are now quoted 88/. In the Foreign Market the chief speculation is in Portuguese Scrip, which, har;ing been at 20i, is now 21 4.


The English Funds have rather defined since the morning, although not from-

any visible cause; the price last quoted for Consols was 88* In the Foreign Market, the greatest excitement prevails among the holders of Portuguese Scrip- and Stock.

3 per Cent. Consols 894 1 Belgian 5 per Cents. 94195 Mexican 6 per Cents. 40441 Ditto for Account 894 1 Brazilian 5 p. Cts. 704 Portuguese 5 p. Cts. 854 t New 34 p. Cent. Ann 954 1 Danish 3 per Cents.. 74 Do. ItegencySc.5p.Ct.20} t Bank Stock.. 212 Dutch 24 per Cents. 494 Prussian(1818)5p.Ct. 101

India Stock French 3 per Cents. — Russ. (1822) 5p.Ct. 1054

Exchequer Bills 44 Greek (1825)5 p.Cts. — Spauish(1821) 5 p.Ct. 214