24 AUGUST 1833, Page 2

The following letter, published in one of the German newspapers

just received, proves that " state necessity " has at length made a heretic (in one most essential dogma of the Romish faith) of that hitherto orthodox Catholic the King of Naples. The letter is dated from Rome.

" A very serious misunderstanding has arisen between our Court and that of Naples. The King of Naples, it is said, has resolved to dissolve the monasteries in all Sicily, and to sequestrate their estates. The ecclesiastics who suffer by the measure are to be indemnified by annual pensions. Many persons affirm that there exists an ancient convention between the two Courts, by which the King is entitled to alienate ecclesiastical property in Sicily, in time of need, without previously obtaining special permission from the Holy See. As very little has yet transpired on this subject, I cannot say how far this news is well-founded, or what is the extent of the measure intended by the King. These disputes are the more disagreeable to the Government, as they are with a neighbouring state with which it has always endeavoured to be on the best terms."