24 AUGUST 1833, Page 8

fag Court.

THE King's birth day was celebrated on Wednesday, at Windsor Castle, by a grand dinner and evening party ; which was attended by the Duke and Dutchess of Cumberland, the whole of the Cabinet Ministers, the Duke of Wellington, the Duke of Dorset, Lord Hill, Sir James Kempt, Mr. Manners Sutton, Mr. Edward Ellice, a large party of the neighbouring nobility, and the members of the Household. The com- pany at dinner formed a party of a hundred and twenty; which was in- creased in the evening by at least two hundred more visitors. Yesterday, the King arrived in town, to hold a Levee ; at which the Earl of Warwick, Earl Grey, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. George Villiers, the newly-appointed Minister to the Spanish Court, were honoured with private audiences. Amongst the general company, were the Duke of Wellington, Lord Sidmouth, Lord Stafford, Sir John Sinclair, and 31r. John Wood.

The anniversary of the Dutchess of Kent's birthday was celebrated on Saturday, at Kensington, with unusual hilarity. The houses in Kensington and the neighbourhood were brilliantly illuminated, and nearly a hundred persons dined at the Assembly-rooms in honour of the day.