24 AUGUST 1850, Page 13

Tire CATHNDRAL PENca.—It would seem that the paragraph extracted last

week from the Morning _Post, stating that the Dean and Chapter had abolished the fee for admission to St. Paul's was at least premature. Many were deceived? =4 proportionately disgusted, on Bneling out the deception. "P." writes to the Times— "Credulous, like many others, I also went, more for the pleasure of seeing the people once more admitted to the temple, and the money-changers driven out, than for the sake of the noble building itself : but the pleasing delusion vanished at the toll-taker's warning voice still calling for his pence. The fee, however, being duly paid, the narrow wicket opened ; and soon I heard foreign accents murmuring while they paid the exaction for they too had heard the clutch was open, but had to pay the mulct. 'Who devised this scheme, whether the Ecclesiastical Commissioners or a lay speculator, I know not ; but this I know, that many were deluded by the notice that had got abroad, and went away in discontent, while more who came fiom afar en- tered and paid. The hoax, therefore, whether hint or irony, or a reminder, bas taken well enough as far as the revenue account is concerned; but whe- ther it is as well in point of decency and reputation, remains for the consi- deration of the new Dean and the old Chapter."