24 AUGUST 1850, Page 18

Messrs. Paul and Dominick Colnaghi are exhibiting a portrait of

Peel and Wellington by Winherhalter. The picture is of rather small size ;" the figures are full-length, representing the two statesmen as they might look on just entering an evening party. The aspect of Peel is one net yet caught by his portrayers—freer and more debonnaire than the common version, and so far more like; but it is not very close either to his features or figure; and the legs have all the painter's feebleness. The Duke him- self is more compact and rigid than this his effigy ; but the general reaem- blanee is fair enough. The picture is spoiled by a sketchy style of execu- tion which obtrudes itself on the eye : a clever engraves will avoid that defect.