24 AUGUST 1850, Page 20


On the 9th June, in India, the Lady of Commodore Plumridge, of a daughter.

On the 5th July, at Varna, in Bulgaria, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel E. St. John Neale, her Britannic Majesty's Consul in that place, of a sou. On the 16th August, at Southwell, Notts, the Wife of the Rev. Edmund Bandolp of a son.

On the 16th, at Wonham Manor, Reigate, the Hon. Mrs. Albert Way, daughter. On the 17th, in Chester Square, the Hon. Mrs. Graham Toler, of a son. On the 18th, at the Chateau, Leicester, the Wife of Captain Cheslyir, of a son and heir. On the 20th, at Plas lass, Denbighshire, the Wife of the Rev. H. Reynolds, B.D., Rector of Rotherfield Peppard, Oxfordshire of a son.

On the 20th, at Balbirrue, Fifeshire, N.B., Lady Georgians Balfour, of a son. - On the 21st, Lady Rivers, of a daughter.


On the 2d July, at West Oxford, Upper Canada, by the Rev. Henry Revell, A.M., the Rev. Arthur Palmer, A.B., Rector of Guelph and Rural Dean, to Catherine, fourth daughter of the late John Blanshard, Esq., H. E. I. Companfs Service. On the 15th August, at Basildon, Becks, Commander Francis Thomas Brown, R.N., to Sophia, third daughter of the Rev. G. H. Peel, of the Grotto, Basildon. On the 15th, at Dawlish, Francis Barrow, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, to Catherine Clara, second daughter of Rear-Admiral Thomas Dick, of Brook House, Dawlish. On the 20th, at Rochdale, George Poulden, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister- at-law, to Emma Frances, second daughter of the Rev. .J. E. N. Molesworth, D.D., Vicar of Rochdale.


On the 8th August, at Tours, Charlotte, the Wife of Colonel Vender, and sister of Major-General Brotherton. On the 9th, at Interlacken, by the accidental discharge of his rifle, John William, eldest son of the Hon. James and the late Lady E. Dutton ; in his 22d year. On the 16th, in Ranelagh Terrace, Pimlico, Caroline Calladine, Relict of the late Mr. Charles Cox, of Iver ; in her 100th year. On the 16th, at Valencia, county of Kerry, Susan Ann, Wife of William Talbot CrOsbie, Esq., of Ardfert Abbey, in the same county, and third daughter of the late Hon. Lindsey Burrell, of Stoke Park. Suffolk ; in her 335 year. On the 17th, at St. Feock, Cornwall, the Rev. William }lichens, Curate of St. Fe- ock, and Fellow of Exeter College, eldest son of Robert lichens, Esq., of East Dulwich ; in his 25th year. On the 17th, in London, Caroline Alicia Sheridan, Widow of the late Major-Gene- ral Michael Riddell. On the 17th, at Tenby, South Wales, drowned whilst bathing, Thomas Hastings Van Atwood, the eldest son of the Rev. Francis Thomas Atwood, Vicar of Hammer- smith and Great Grimsby; in his 21st year. On the 18th, at the Duke of Wellington's, Piccadilly, the Bight Hon. Charles Ar- buthnot. On the 19th, in London, Sir Charles Vincent Loraine, Bart. ; in his 43d year.

On the 19th, at Brighton, Sir Martin Archer Shee, President of the Royal Acade- my; in his 81st year.

On the 20th, in Carlton Terrace, the Right Hon. the Dowager Lady Wenlock. On the 21st, Sir Charles Blois, Bart., of Cockfield Hall, Suffolk ; in his 85th year. On the 21st, in Richmond Terrace, John Henry Ley, Esq., the Clerk of the House of Commons, of Trehill, Devon.