24 AUGUST 1850, Page 21


Tuesday, August 20.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—Brown and Haigh, Liverpool, commission-agents- Chrippes and Son, Petworth, auctioneers—Pearson and Co. Almondbury, scrib- bling-millers—Cardiff and Co. Liverpool, ship-bread-bakers—J. and J. Lord, Lower Booths, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers—Stratton and Co. Bristol, manufac- tmvris of wheels—Nevison and Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, commission-agents—Chap- pell and Plant, Manchester, fustian-manufacturers—Bentley and Carr, Ashton- under-Lyne, brewers ; as far as regards R. Bentley—C. and J. Smith, Mold Green, Huddersfield, drysalters—Clapham and Gray, Leeds,joiners—Birt and Co. Mounton, Monmouthshire, paper-makers ; as far as regards J. flirt—Brown and Co. Colchester, silk-throwsters—Elliot and Collins, jun. Tenterden, plumbers—S. and M. Weetman, Manchester, fustian-manufacturers—E. and D. Penly, Alderley, Gloucestershire, dyers—White and nulls, Fareham, Hampshire, wine-merchants—Holland and Co. Oldham, tailors—Samuel and Co. Rio de Janeiro—A. and W. Bell, Leicester, plumbers—Chapman and Mann, Woolpit, Suffolk, grocers—The London and West- minster. Bank; as far as regards W. Stuart. Bafixerrrs.—Jorns GRAY and ROBERT WILLIAMS, Chester, engineers, to surren- der Sept. 2, 23: solicitor. Walker, Chester ; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool- WILLIalt GOODWIN, Macclesfield, manufacturer, Sept. 4, 26: solicitors, Lawrence and Reed, Bread Street ; Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Hobson, Man- -chester—Wmusx Hirares, Gateshead, publican, Aug. 27, Oct. 3: solicitors, Harle, Southampton Buildings ; Butcherbank, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee, Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. ORRTIFICATE.-2b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of nreeting.—Oct. 14, Nicholson, York, trader.

Decternivroas OP DIVIDENDS.—Thomas, Bristol, hotelkeeper ; div. of 5s. Aug. 21, and any subsequent Wednesday ; Miller, Bristol—H. and J. Davis, Chalford, Gloucestershire, clothiers; div. of 5d. ; and a div. of 9s. on the separate estate of J. Davis, Aug. 21, and any subsequent Wednesday ; Miller, Bristol—Knight, Bristol, silversmith ; div. of Is. 101d. Aug. 21, and any subsequent Wednesday; Miller, Bristol—Collins, Bristol, tailor; div. of 6s. Aug. 21, and any subsequent Wednesday; Miller, Bristol—Dickson, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, grocer ; div. of 6s. 8d. Aug. 21, and any subsequent Wednesday; Miller, Bristol. Scovesi SECHIESTRATIONS.—Jenkins, Lochgoilhead, Argyllshire, wright, Aug. 23, Sept. 20—Mein, Kelso, cabinet-maker, Aug. 26, Sept. 24—Shaw, Dundee, writer, Aug. 23, Sept. 16—Hiller, Edinburgh, cattle-dealer, Aug 26, Sept. 16-3.1`Haffe, Glasgow, banker, Aug. 26, Sept- 16—Hamilton, Iladdington, horse-dealer, Aug. 17, Sept,. 17.

Friday, August 23.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—H. and J. Wilshin, Edgcware Road, oil-warehousemen —Huntington and Stonehewer, Bucklersbury, designers—Snowden and Alderson, Bradford, Yorkshire, woolstaplers—Roylance and Co. Blackburn, woollendrapers- J. and J. R. Gay, Leeds, cutlers—Rigby and Co. Bolton-le-Moors, brass-founders- The Misses Holman, Topsham, grocers—Dawes and Sons, West Bromwich, iron- masters—Legras and Co. Paris, engineers—J. and W. Poole, Preston, provision- dealers—Danes and }Etchings, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, drapers—Donnelly and Clark, St. John's Road, Upper Holloway, builders—Chaffey and Co. Thorncombe, woolstaplers—Wild and Treasure, Marylebone Street, drapers—Foster and West, Old Broad Street, chemists.

Miriam:prey Arrxrn.r.rni.—Reernar BROOKS, Regent Street, picture-dealer. Beirxeurrs.—Josara Smium }forme and .1.r.mrs Cur.rwr, New Oxford Street, tai- lors, to surrender Sept. 5, Oct. 4: solicitors, Lin' ldatets, Charlotte Row, Mansion- house ; official assignee, Cannan, Birchin Lane—Rowena. lawman, Camaby Street, Golden Square, oilman, Sept. 4, Oct. 8: solicitor, Boultori, Northampton Square; offi- cial assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street—Doenme Axe licatorrr, Dawley. Shrop- shire, lodging-housekeeper, Sept. 7, Oct. 8: solicitors, Smith and James, Binning- ham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham—Moises THOMAS, Dudley, iron-mer- chant, Sept. 4, Oct. 1: solicitors, Caldicott and Canning, Dudley ; liodgson, Bir- mingham ; official assignee, Valpy, Birmingham—Tvaritea Witsoe, West Bromwich, iron-manufacturer, Sept. 4, Oct. 1: solicitors, Motteram and Co. Birmingham ; Hodg- son, Birmingham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham—JANE TM:WAS, Brynmawr, Brecon, grocer, Sept. 6, Oct. 4: eolicitor, Abbot, Bristol ; official assignee, Hutton, Bristol—.Tossmi KIRKLAND, Stockport, joiner, Sept. 2, Oct. 2: solicitor, Goolden, Stockport; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester—Heiner EDWARD GERLACH, New- castle-upon-Tyne, merchant, Aug. 28, Oct. 8: solicitors, Sudlows and Co. Bedford Row ; Hodge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee, Wakley, Newcastle-upon- Tyne—Joax DAVIDSON and RICHARD DAVIDSON, South Shields, butchers, Aug. 28. Oct. 10: solicitors, Philipe, Gray's Inn Square; Medcalf. North Shields; official as- signee, Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Rama DICKENSON, Crook, Durham, grocer, Aug. 28, Oct. 4: solicitor, Hark, Southampton Buildings ; official assignee, -Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. DIVIDENDS.-8ept. 16, Tapley, Sidmouth, linendraper—Sept. 16, Welch, Westbury Wiltshire, innkeeper—Sept. 27, Jardine, Dartford, linendraper—Sept. 16, Cohen* Lloyd's Coffee-house, merchant—Sept. 16, Muchmore, Cork Street, tailor—Sept. 27, Clarke and Co. Leicester, bankers—Nov. 10, Alsop, Walsall, lead-merchant—Oct. 4. Stone, Derbyshire, builder—Oct. 3, Hellings, Rugeley, brewer—Oct. 3, Mitchell, Birmingham, draper—Oct. 8, Thomas, Leominster, wine-merchant—Sept. 26, Storm. Cardiff, builder—Sept. 26, Matthews, Monmouth, pianoforte-seller—Sept. 18, Yol- land, Ashburton, limeburner—Sept. 16, Livsy, Bury, cotton-spinner--Sept. 16, Spen- cer, Manchester, cotton-spinner.

Ceerincsvirs.—lb be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of nweting.—Sept. 13, Spratt, Slaone Terrace, coach-maker—Sept. 13, Newton, Dover Street, milliner—Sept. 13, Absalom, Portsmouth, coal-merchant—Sept. 24, Richard- son, Edgware Road, ironmonger—Sept. 16, Barnes, Hungerford, auctioneer—Sept. 27, Pretty, Leicester, grocer—Oct. 3, Stoessiger, Birmingham, jeweller.

DECLARATIONS OP DIVIDENDS.—Kidd, Tynemouth„ brewer; second and final div. of 104d. on the separate estate, on any Saturday ; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-- W. and J. Pile, Monkwearmouth, ship-builders; first div. of ls. 6d. and on the sepa- rate estate of J. Pile first div. of 10s. any Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Scorcit SECIDESTRATIONS.—Murray. Helmsdale, shipmaster, Aug. 29, Sept. 18-- Bridges or King, Forres, Aug. 29, Sept. 17.