24 AUGUST 1850, Page 9

Last night's Gazette contains "additional instructions" issued by her Majesty,

under Royal sign-manual and signet, to the Governor-in-chief of New Zealand, for Modifying previous instructions. Hitherto certain rents and royalties reserved to the Crown out of waste lands, are appli- cable only to defraying the costs of introducing immigrants from the United Kingdom; henceforward they are to be applicable also to defray • the costs of such other public services as the wardens of hundreds, or other proper authorities, may specify. The Directors of the New Zealand Company, on the 5th of July, gave notice to Government of their readiness to surrender their charter and all claim to their lands, and thereby the said lands reverted to her Majesty as part of the demesne lands of the Crown : but the lands are subject to certain subsisting con- tracts ; 1vith these °entracte certain provisions of existing Crown instruc-

tions are deemed inconsistent ; and the Crown repeals the said instruc- tions so far as they may be inconsistent with the contracts made by the Company, so that the lands may be held by the Crown in undenied sub- mission to the effect of those contracts.