24 AUGUST 1850, Page 9



Our Queen remained a visiter to King Leopold till yesterday morning; but as the Royal Palace at Ostend is very small, the visiters slept in their own yacht. The young people were sent on board at an early hour; the Queen and Prince Albert drove down to the harbour about ten at night, and the passing of a royal cortege at so unusual an hour drew the in- habitants forth to gaze. After the dinner on Thursday, the King of Belgium presented to Queen Victoria all the Belgian officers in attendance. Her Majesty was throughout the evening in high good-humour, and continually referred to the excellence of the voyage across the Channel. The Royal party embarked yesterday about noon ; amidst great de- monstrations of good-will from the inhabitants, who had prepared themselves for the sight, and seemed to enjoy it with more vivacity than that of the landing. Hearty cheers were raised in honour of the Queen ; and when these were acknowledged with evident pleasure, the popular salutes were repeated with an English emphasis, and pursued the squadron

on its departure

erimrture for Osborne. adren,anchored at Dover yesterday evening, at half-past six, for rather ,1110re thikll an hour ; at fifty minutes past seven the anchor was weighed, and the journey to Osborne was resumed. Spithead was passed at a few minntes after fi.ye this morning ; the men-of-war Blenheim and Thetis saluting dressed with colours and the yards manned. The Queen • debarked on Osborne pier at twenty-two minutes after eight.

Letters giving some details of President Napoleon's progress from 'Besa,ncon to Mulhausen describe the people at Barilliers, Belfort, and • Mulhausen itself, as "well disposed, but without the least enthusiasm." The cries of " Viye la Republique ! " were greatly preponderant over all others ; but they were, as in the Franche-Comte and the Jura, uttered without any appearance of hostile animus. The Municipality of Belfort had voted a. grant to illustrate the President's visit, and they gave him a hearty reception; but their address expressed their respect and devoted- ness to "the First Magistrate of the Republic," especially on account of the "amelioration he has effected " ; it contained no allusions to the Em- peror, and no personal adulation..

The Times gives What appears to be an authoritative statement of the result of a conference held yesterday at the Foreign Office on the Danish question. The gist of its announcement is, that the Court of Austria signified its adhesion to the principles laid down in the protocol of the 2d of August relating to the Danish question, without prejudice to the rigida of the Gerniante Confederation." The reservation seems to mean, that Austria stands by the federal rights of Holstein and Lanenberg, and aban- dons Schleswig.