24 AUGUST 1850, Page 9

The Horning Chronicle announces that a considerable section of Cam-

bridge University has been anxious to bring forward Sir John Herschel), tie most distinguished of the members of the University for his position in science, to represent that body in Parliament ; but it is said that he .has declined to accept the proffered distinction. Turning then to the meat most distinguished name on the books of the University, the choice fell upon Mr. Thomas Babingtpn Macaulay. Party predilections might be imputed to him, and there might be an unwillingness to elect a man committed to the support of the Whigs ; but Mr. Macaulay, - - - - "when he fully adopted literature as his profession, resigned office and abandoned party. Asa party man he has said too much or too httle in his book. . . . . His supporters probably will not care to consider too curiously the political views to which he has been led by historical investigation." The Globe announces that an influential party is forming in the Uni- versity to bring forward Mr. Isaac Butt.

There having been rumours that Lord Advocate Rntherfurd is to be elevated to the bench, the electors of Leith have resolved, in case of a -vacancy, to invite Admiral Sir Charles Napier to become a candidate.— Olobe.