24 JANUARY 1931, Page 2

The Prime Minister then completed the review of the ground

covered. It was noticeable that he refrained from any such declaration of policy as some people had expected. He was content to give his hearty approval to the Conference's choice of material for a Constitution. He described the reservations which would be tem- porarily necessary in the responsible government at the centre. " Safeguards for communities great and small," he said, " will be provided." Thus was the Aga Khan answered beyond any possibility of misunderstanding' The Prime Minister also promised that the Government would see that the reserved powers were so framed and exercised as not to prejudice the advance of India to full responsibility. Finally he replied to Sir Tej Sapru's request for a political amnesty. He felt unable to promise a relaxation of the law, but he declared that the appeal of Sir Tej " lodged very naturally in his own heart," and that if civil quiet was proclaimed and assured in India, the Government would certainly not be backward in responding.