24 JANUARY 1931, Page 20


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—One of the best ghost stories I know was told to me at first hand in my last parish in North Wilts. The old lady, who narrated it in the utmost good faith, lived in an old house, the dining-room of which was reputed to be haunted. She said that one evening at dinner she and her sisters were sur- prised to see a strange butler standing near the sideboard, with a napkin over his arm. As they gazed at him he suddenly. vanished. " And," she said triumphantly, " when we counted our napkins one was missing " ! Could the genuine character of the ghostly visitant be better authenticated than by this cap- ture of a serviette ?—I am, Sir, &c., ARTHUR W. STOTE.

Colehill Vicarage, Wimborne, Dorset.