24 JANUARY 1931, Page 36


Following upon the meeting held last week, the shares of Hudson's Bay Company have experienced a moderate rally. This, presumably, is due to the fact that, largely, it is believed, through the mediation of Sir Robert Home, a compromise has been reached on the general question of future policy and management. A Special Committee of Investigation had recommended the segregation of the Stores business, with the object of that part of the company's affairs being forined into a separate company with more direct management in Canada. With this policy the Governor, Mr. C. V. Sale, disagreed, and before the meeting had retired from the Governorship. The critics of the company's policy were not, however, entirely in harmony with all the recommendations of the Special Committee and the basis of agreement seems to have been reached along the lines of the Governor and two Directors expressing their readiness to retire from the Board, while in the appointment of three new members it must be presumed that a special body of shareholders will have some voice.

* * * *