24 MARCH 1967, Page 28

Sir: As regular subscribers to the SPECTATOR we lament the

abundant condemnation of 'Raven and Son.' For we think that we must be two of a number of readers aged fifteen who keenly appre- ciated the article by Simon Raven in your issue of 10 March.

We thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing satire of present-day trends, the humour of which certain of your correspondents failed to take notice. We do not necessarily approve of 'sex without marriage' or of 'his cheap sneer' at religion; what we praise is the manner in which he satirises the tolerant father without advocating intolerance. Hence it is of little importance what age Mr Raven is and whether he has any sons.

Jeremy Heath lain Mathewson Downside School, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset