24 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 1


"ALL right in Downing Street!" that is, according to the omni- bus-conductor's rule: the seats are filled. It is true that to ac- complish this filling-up of the Cabinet, a once regular customer in the Ministerial omnibus has been drawn forth from his retirement to take a foremost place, and Mr. Labouchere is selected as sue- ces.sor to Sir William 11Iolesworth. It is true that the Duke of Argyll consents to fill two places at once, although he does not possess that magnitude which would render it necessary to book two places for him. The arrangement must be regarded as dic- tated by the necessity of not continuing vacancies, the simple ex- istence of which appeared to argue inherent weakness in the Go- vernment. The appointments themselves cannot have been sug- gested by their own merits. Our letters will not travel the faster or the more systematically because the Duke is at the head of the Post-office; nor will the Colonies suddenly receive any accession of power or wealth because Mr. Labouchere appends his familiar and respected name to the papers that affect them. The arrange- ment, therefore, can hardly be regarded as permanent or final ; it is only adopted until some more positive reconstruction or recruit- ment of Lord l'armerston's Cabinet. It is a provisional Govern- ment.