24 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 17


Teissday,. Yov. 20. Partnerships Dissolved.-W. N. and S. II. Cook, Princes Street, Leicester Square, brush-makers-E. and C. Van Gone, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe, watch-manufac- turers-Thomas and Co. Bristol, soap-manufacturers; as far as regards E. B. Fripp jun.-Cunningham and Grannell, Howford Buildings, Fenchurch Street., shipping- agents-le:Hay and Nichol, Woburn, drapers-A. J. and 8. Barnes, Leeds, waste- dealers-Gibbs and Couchman, Henley-in-Ardsn, Warwicluthire, attornies-Wright and Lucas, Lincoln, agricultural.machine-makers -B. M. and 8. A. Barton, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, grocers-Jones and Parnell, Newport, merchants-J. and .7. Adcock, Birmingham, linen-drapers-Hiade and Co. Ridge Lane Mill, Lan- caster, silk-spinners; as far as regards E. Mason-041e and King, Preston, linen- drapers-Smith and Co. Liverpool, merchants; as far as regards E. Robinson-Hal- star and Cheverton, Oxford Street, carpet-warehousemen-Bracken and Co. Ingrovr Mills, Keighley. Yorkshire, paper-manufacturers-Kingsford and liwitiford, Bow Common' chemists-Levy and Co. Bristol, watch-dealers-Lowe and Tyler, Man- chester, draughtsmen-Driver and Lever, Halliwell, Lancashire, power-loom-ma.- nufacturers-Maxwell and Co. Glasgow, corn-merchants. Bankruptcy Annulled. -JAMES CROAT, Bishopagate Street Within, tailor. Bankrupts.-Tuomes Cnorriso„ Larkhall Lane, Clapham, brewer, to surrender Nov. 28, Dec. 22: solicitors, Linklater and Hackwood, Sise Lane;. official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury. IIHNSY OSBORN, Lower Thames Street, wine-merchant, Nov. 29, Jan. 3: solicitor, Cook, Chearside ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings. GEORGIE ksasx, Caledoniau Road iron-founder, Dee. 5, Jan. 2: solicitor, Taylor, South Street, Finsbury ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street, JIMMY WINDEJL, Girard Street, shawl-dealer, Dec. 5, Jan. 2 solicitor, Chiding, Gresham Street; official assignee,. Graham, Coleman Street. WILLIAM TAVENER, Clifton Road, St. John's Wood, builder, Nov. 24, Jan. 5: solicitor, Chapple, Great Carter Lane; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street. Joins Iixtrav WELCHMAN, Grove Terrace, Bishop's Road, Paddington, wine- merchant, Dec. 1, Jan. 12: solicitor, Mount, Clement's Lane; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street. STEPHEN Dustmen Scirsos, Isle of Wight, victualler, Dec. 1, Jan. 5: solicitor, Moss, Queen Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers. Ricissan CLARKE, Adelaide Street, Strand, lamp-dealer, Dec. 4, Jan. 1: solicitors, Ivemey, Southampton Buildings ; Wright, Birmingham ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court.

Wismam CHAMBERLAIN, Walsall, builder, Dec. 1,22: solicitors, Wilkinson, Wal- sall; James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham. JAMES Davis, Cradley Heath, Staffordshire, plumber, Dec. 1, 22: solicitors, Mot- teram and Knight, Birmingham ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham.

LEVI Basica, Sedgley, Staffordshire, grocer, Dec. 1, 22: solicitors, Motteram and Knight, Birmingham ; Smith, Horsley Heath; official assig. Bittleston, Birmingham.

Joan ALLEN and JOSEPH Moons, Birmingham, medalists, Dec. 1, Jan. 10: solici- tors, Wrights, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham. HOPKINS EUSTANCE, Neatb, nine-merchant, Dec. 3, Jan. 8: solicitors, Henderson and Co. Bristol; Cuthbertson, Beath; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol. WILLIAM HENRY SAUNDERS, Cardiff, wine-merchant, Dec. 3, Jan. 8: solicitor, Prideaux, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol. HENRY Cavrniaoir, Halifax, druggist, Dec. 7, Jan. 18: solicitors, Bennett, Ha- lifax; Nettleton, Wakefield; Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds.

JAMES DARLING, Sheffield, grocer, Dec. 8, Jan. 19: solicitors, Boole and Yeo- mans, Sheffield; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield.

Joun Muss, New Bank, Halifax, iron-founder, Dec. 7, Jan. 18: solicitors, Rob- son, Halifax; Cariss and Cudworth, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds,

JAMES RILEY, Chester, china-dealer, Dec. 4, 31: solicitor, Rymer, Liverpool ; of- ficial assignee, Cannove, Liverpool. JOHN BRONSON, Liverpool, hosier, Nov. 30, Dec. 21: solicitors, Mason and Sturt, Gresham Street ; Tyrer, Liverpool; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool. GEORGE Moss, Bron Offa, Wrexham, coal-dealer, Dec. 4, 31: solicitors, Fletcher Mud Hull, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool. Titomas CARRUTHERS, Manchester, oil-dealer, Nov. 30, Dec. 21 : solicitor, Taylor, Manchester; official assignee, Hernaman, Manchester. Dioidends.—Dec. 13, Stiller, Conduit Street West, Paddington, corn-dealer--Dec. 11, Strahan and Co. Strand, bankers—Dec. 11, Morrison, Cheapside, tailor—Dec. 11, Cornish, Great Thurlow, Suffolk, grocer—Dec. 11, StevensOn, Barham, Suffolk, inn- keeper—Dec. 11, Bridges, Wandsworth Road, brewer—Dec. 11, Haywood, Derby, iron-founder—Dec. 12, Jeffryes and Meek, Liverpool, merchants—Dec. 12, Pryde and Co. Liverpool, sail-makers—Dec. 11, Samuel, Liverpool, watch-manufacturer- Dec. 12, Neill, Liverpool, ship-broker—Dec. 13, Brown, Liverpool, ship-chandler- Dec. 13, Feeny, Birkenhead, eating-house-keeper—Dec. 12, Jones, Manchester, glass-merchant—Dec. 12, Goodman, Manchester, tobacconist—Dec. 14, Thorniley, Baidsley, Lancashire, cotton-spinner—Dec. 13, Riley and Co. Burnley, cloth-manu- facturers.

Certificates.—To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary. on the day of meeting.—Dec. 12, Popplewell, Clement's Lane, merchant—Dec. 12, Simon, Albion Road, Wandsworth Road, boarding-house-keeper—Dec. 12, T. and W. Bishop, White Lion Street, Bishopsgate, builders—Dec. 11, Vistrucci, Windsor Terrace, Pimlico, commission-agent—Dec. 11, Sloper, White Horse Terrace, Stepney, auc- tioneer—Dec. 18, Fyne, Bristol, cordivainer—Dec. 12, Norbury, Chorley, cattle- dealer—Nov. 23, Mills, Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff-merchant—Dec. 12, Smith, Hull, grocer—Dee. 11, Johnson, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, inn-keeper—Dec. 11, Ash- well, Gosberton, Lincolnshire, grocer—Dee. 17, Keeling, Birmingham, merchant. Declarations of Dividends.—PlammOnd, Chancery Lane, furniture-dealer ; first div. of 4$. Id. Thursday next, and three following Thursdays ; Graham, Coleman Street—Winter, Sandhurst, builder; first div. of is. 5d. Thursday next, and three following Thursdays; Graham, Coleman Street—Conquest, Moorgate Street, money- scrivener; first div. of Is. 9d. on new proofs. Thursday next, and three following Thursdays ; Graham, Coleman Street—Shepherd, King's Lynn, hop-merchant; first div. of 7s. 8d. Thursday next, and three following Thursdays; Graham, Coleman Street—Gibson, Great St. Helen's, ship-broker; first div. of 2s. lad. Thursday next. and three following Thursdays ; Graham, Coleman Street—Rossiter, London Wall, clothier ; second div. of qd. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basingall Street—Ste- vens, Fetter Lane, cheesemonger ; first div. of Is. 2d. Wednesday next, and three following Wednesdays; Lee, Aldermanbury—Sykes, Little Tower Hill, clothier; first div. of 68. 5d. Wednesday next, and three following Wednesdays ; Lee, Alder- manbury—Lawford and Maitland, George Yard, wine-merchants; first dividend of 100. and a first dividend of 114d. on the separate estate of E. Maitland, and a first dividend of 128. on the separate estate of T. B. Lawford, Wednes- day next, and three subsequent Wednesday ; Lee, Aldermanbury— Prichard, Sidcup, Kent, apothecary; first div. of 4s. 7d. Wednesday next, and three sub- sequent Wednesdays; Lee, Aldermanbury—M'Carthy, Beech Street, Barbican, metal-broker; first div. of ls. 9d. Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednes- days; Lee, Aldermanbury—Warburton, Sheffield, edge-tool-manufacturer ; first dir. af Is. 3d. any day ; Brewin, Sheffield—Wells, Sheffield, publican; first div. of Q. any Tuesday ; Brewin, Sheffield—Hatton, Chesterfield, printer ; first div. of 3s. 3d. any Tuesday ; Brewin, Sheffield—Thompson, Rotherham, draper ; first div. of 8d. any day; Brewin, Sheffield—Dawson and Co. Rochdale, calico-printers; further div. of iv. any Tuesday ; Ilerriaman, Manchester—J. and B. Wilson, Manchester, tai- lors; first div. of 2s. Sid. and a first div. of Id on the separate estate of J. Wilson, any Tuesday ; Hernaman, Manchester—Jackson and Heywood, Droylsdon, skein- printers; first div. of is. 7d. any Tuesday ; Hernaman, Manchester—Worsley and Heys, Belmshore, cotton-manufacturers ; first div. of Is. 5ad. any Tuesday ; Herne- man, Manchester.

Bcotch Seguestrations.—Finlayson, Maryburgh, Dingwall, merchant, Nov. 30— Piper, Edinburgh, tailor, Dec. IL .Friday, Nov. 23. Partnerships Dissolved.—Boys and Lay, Manchester, cloth-agents—Smith and Theobald, Leadenhall Street, ship-brokers—W. and J. Griffiths, Liverpool, coopers— Smith and Gundry, Trafalgar Street, Walworth, brewers—Seyd and Gartenauer, Little Tower Street, merchants—Wilson and Ogilvy, Skinner Street, Snow Hill, printers—Pash, Brothers, Melbourne, merchants—Heaps and Teesdale, Hudders- field, ironmongers—Hills and Walsh, Folkestone, commercial agents—Jones and CO. Liverpool, ship-builders—Clifton and Hind, Leicester, carpenters—H. and S. Bann. Stslckport, stonc-misons-- Shaw and Co. Delph, Yorkshire, grocers —Fawdry and Sons, Birmingham, bakers—Beilby and Co. Sydney, merchants; as far as regards B. S. Lloyd—Beesley and Goddard, Moorgate Street, accountants— Palmer and Eden, Birmingham, maltsters—Leech and Moore, Wakefield, linen- drapers—G. and J. Tolson, Dewsbury, rag-dealers—Gooding and Taylor, South- wold, attornies—Whitehouse and Son, Birmingham, jewellers—Walker and Co. Maranhani, Brazils, merchants— Caralli and Co. Manchester, yarn-agents. Bankruptcy Annulled.— CYPRUS; JAMES CorrEuELL, Abingdon, draper. Bankrupts.—Funossami, FRANCIS Fox, Finch Lane, tailor, to surrender, Dec. 3, Jan. 4: solicitors, yenning and Co. Tokenhouse Yard; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury. Boas= GADSDEN, Poplar, cement-manufacturer, Dec. 3, Jan. 4: solicitor, Bar- rOw, Guildford Street, Russell Square; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury, RICILARD Bawer, Murray Street, New North Road, carpenter, Dec. 5, Jan. 2: solicitor, Brown, Finsbury Place ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street. RictLian Btrrtats, Pickering Terrace, Bayswater, ironmonger, Dec. 4, 31: soli- citor, Turner, Charles St. City Road; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall 51.

Ditnna. Davis, Newington Causeway, glass-merchant, Dec. 4, Jan. 2: solicitor, Stubbs, Moorgate Street ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street.

Jour; PHILLIPS, Wood Street, Clerkenwell, rag-merchant, Dec. 6, Jan. 1: tor, Stubbs, Moorgate Street; official assignee, Lee, Aldermanbury. HENRY Coasarz, Brighton, builder, Dec. 6, Jan. 1: solicitors, Sowton, Great James Street; Kennett, Brighton; official assignee, Ndwards, Sambrook Court. Jonsr DAVIS, Worcester, tailor, Dec. 5,. Jan. 9: solicitors, Rea, Worcester ; Wright, Birmingham ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham. SAMUEL SMART, Lenton, Nottinghamshire, builder, Dec. II, Jan. 8: solicitors, Bowley, Nottingham ; Hodgson and Allen, Birmingham ; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham. Twomes WILLIAMS, Aberdare, Glamorgansbire, brewer, Dec. 7, Jan. 8: solicitors, Simmons, Merthyr ; Henderson and Co. Bristol; official assignee, Miller, Bristol. GRORalt HANNAFORD, St. Mary Church, Devon, baker, Dec. 5, 27: solicitor, Laid- man, Exeter; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter. JOSEPH STEAD, Leeds, grocer, Dec. 10, Jan. 7: solicitors, Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official assignee, Hope, Leeds.

JoNes Swmr, Low Moor, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner, Dec. 7, Jan. 18: solicitors, Wavell and Co. Halifax ; °Metal assignee, Young, Leeds. Owins WILLIAMS, Manchester, corn-dealer, Dec. 4, Jan. 8: solicitors, Higson and Robinson, Manchester; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester.

Dividends.—Dec. 15, J. and J. R. Reay, Mark Lane. wine-merchants—Dec. 13,- Williams and Co. West Smithfield, tailors—Dec. 14, Wilson, Battersea, colour-ma- nufacturer—Dec. 15, Walker, Wisbeach, stationer—Dec, 14. Robinson, Bronipton, corn-factor—Dec. 14, Brown, Winchester, carpenter—Dec. 19, P. and F. Bufford, Stourbridge, bankers—Dec. 18, Wesson, Loughborough, bleacher—Dec. 27, Phil-. lips, Weston-super-Mare, potter—Dec. 17, Fry, Plymouth, carver—Dec. 14, Lam- hert, Halifax, timber-dealer—Dec. 15, Mackalsie, Clay Cross, Derbyshire,' surgeon- -Dec.14, Featherstone, .York, linen-draper—Dec. 14, Oldfield • and Co. Hudders- field, woollen-cloth-manufacturers.

Certificates.— 71, be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on .the day of meeting.—Dec. 15, Barnes, Southampton, woollen-draper—Dec. 14, Ford, Hornsey Road, brush-manufacturer— Dec.17, Shales. Brighton, linen-draper—Dec. 17, El oyes, West Cowes, post-master—Dec. 17, Fry, Plymouth, carver—Dec. 17, Jarvis, Wol- verhampton, warehouseman—Dec. 17, Clarke, Church Stretton, seedsman—Dec. 14, Robinson, Norwood, Yorkshire, farmer—Dec. 18, Linfoot, York, builder. Declarations of Dividends.—Leedhaw and Wild, Sheffield, opticians ; first dir. of lad, any day on and after 27th Nov.; Brewin, Sheffield—Bradbury, Sheffield, builder ; first div, of loid. any day on or after 27th Nov.; Brewin,'Sheffield—liaslam, Iligharn, Derby, currier; first div. of 4s. 2d. any Tuesday ; Brewin, Sheffield—Pitman, Bath„ carpenter; a div. of 5s. 6d. any Wednesday ; Miller, Bristol.