24 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 7

A summons to answer the charge of taking part in

the recent outrage at Kingstown has been duly served upon one of the Redemptorist Fathers who was present on the occasion. The case will be heard at Kingstown Police- office on Monday next, at eleven o'clock. It was erroneously stated that in- formation had been sworn against two of the reverend gentlemen implicated in the transaction, but at present the case is only complete as regards one of the Fathers.—Dublin Correspondent of the Times.

The Times of this morning contains a letter from Mr. John Mitchell of Glasgow, owner of the Janet Mitchell, in the matter of the Lasears, re- peatedly heard before Mr. Yardley. It shows that the question has a side that did not appear before the Magistrate ; brings charges of insubordination, breach of agreement, and general misconduct, against the Lase,ars ; and as- serts that their wages had been paid. Mr. Mitchell looks upon himself as libelled by Mr. Yardley, and states that the case of the Lasears was brought into the Police Court at the instigation of sharpers in order to extort money.