24 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 7

Lady Emmeline Stueart Wortley died at Beyrout on the 29th

of Octo- ber. On the 1st of May, while riding in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem, her Ladyship had the misfortune to have her leg fractured by the kick of a horse. Notwithstanding, however, the weakened state of her constitution, she undertook a journey from Beyrout to Aleppo, returning by an unfre- quented road across the Lebanon to the former place. She reached Bey- rout on the 26th of October ; but, in spite of the unremitting attentions of Dr. Saquet, the French Government physician, and two other medical gen- tlemen, her frame was so weakened and exhausted by the excessive fatigue of the journey, that she gradually sank. We are glad to hear that her Lady- ship's daughter, Miss Stuart Wortley, who was also very unwell, having been attacked by an intermittent fever, is considered out of all danger.— Morning Paper.