24 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 7

The telegraph brings rumours of peace from Berlin.

"Berlin, Thursday .Evening.-31. de Manteuffel has had two or three long interviews with the Baron de Budberg, the Russian Ambassador. These in- terviews are said to be for the settlement of new bases of negotiation, to emanate from Russia. The Baron de Budberg will lay them before the Czar on his almost immediate visit to St. Petersburg."

We can state authoritatively, that there are no present prospects of a Swedish alliance and that the statements which have been published respecting a "military convention," and its terms, are purely imaginary. The object of the mission of General Canrobert to Stockholm was the presentation to King Oscar of the grand cross of the Legion of Honour, and the cultivation of those good relations which subsist between the na- tions. The King and the people of Sweden have been both much flat- tered by the mission of so distinguished a soldier, and have emphatically displayed their sympathy with the cause of the Western Powers : indeed, we may say that the verdict of public opinion which the Emperor Na- poleon invited in his late speech has in this case been clearly given.— Morning Post, Nov. 24.