24 NOVEMBER 1939, Page 19


SIR,—.May I express my deep gratification to the Archbishop of Canterbury for having confirmed by an authority of the Church the political judgement we have expressed in exactly the same words as early as 1934 with reference to Hitlerism as "in truth satanic and indeed a manifestation of anti- Christ "?

It might interest you to know that a historic manifestation of this nature was predicted in almost the same words by a diplomat and philosopher of Spanish descent, Donozo Cortes, who in the middle of the last century prophesied: " An anti-Christian realm, gigantic in size, will arise, ruled by a plebeian of satanic proportions."

At the same time a German thinker and poet, Heine, analysing German philosophy and religion (in 1834) charac- terised as its future result the Nazi revolution of our times: " By these doctrines (Kanes Kritik, Fichte's Transcendental- idealismus and Naturphilosophie) revolutionary forces have been fostered ; they only await the appointed day to burst forth and fill the world with horror and admiration. Disciples will appear who will renounce piety even in actual life and who will harrow the ground of our European life with the sword and axe in order to tear up the very last roots of the past. . . . The Naturphilosophen ' will take an active part in the German revolution because they identify them- selves with their work of destruction. . . . The Natur- philosoph ' allies himself with the elemental forces of Nature because he exalts the demonic powers of old Germanic pantheism which then will awaken in him the lust to fight for which the ancient Germans are renowned, a lust which does not fight to annihilate nor to gain victory, but merely for the sake of fighting. Christianity has to a certain extent mitigated this brutal Germanic lust, but it has not succeeded in destroy- ing it. If one day the restraining talisman—the Cross— collapses, then once again the fierce spirit of the ancient warriors will break forth, the senseless berserk frenzy found so often in the songs of the Northern poets will flood the world. The power of that Talisman is waning and the sorrowful day of its piteous collapse will come. Then the former gods of stone will rise from the mire and shake off the dust of a thousand years ; .Thor will soar up again with his gigantic hammer and dash to pieces the Gothic cathe- drals. . . . Do not smile at the visionary who expects the same revolution in the realm of reality that has already taken place in the realm of the spirit. Thought precedes deed as lightning precedes thunder. German thunder, of course, is very German ; it approaches slowly but implacably. But come it will. And if one day you hear a thunderbolt such as has never before been heard in the history of the world, then remember: German thunder has reached its goal at last. At this sound eagles will drop down dead from the air, and in the farthest deserts of Africa lions will tremble and hide in their kingly dens. A play will be performed in Germany beside which the French Revolution will pale into an insigni- ficant idyll."

Before Heine Goethe also had a vision of the " demonism," incarnate in Hitler: "The demonic component in man appears in its most terrible aspect when it predominates in any one individual. . . . Not always the best of men spiritually or mentally, they are rarely noted for kindness of heart; but a tremendous force emanates from them and they exercise incredible power over every creature, indeed over the elements themselves, and with what far-reaching results— who can tell? All the moral forces in unison avail nothing against them ; in vain do the more enlightened among men Indict them as deceivers or deceived—the masses are drawn to them! Rarely, if ever, is their like found among their contemporaries, and nothing can vanquish them, save the universe itself with which they have joined battle."—Yours faithfully, ERNST JACRH. 35 Tavistock Court, W.C. r.