24 NOVEMBER 1939, Page 2

The Terror in Prague

Nazi rule knows no half-methods of terror when it finds itself confronted with any symptoms of discontent or unrest caused by its own tyranny. The city of Prague has been subjected to a reign of terror with indiscriminate reprisals, falling most cruelly on the students, for Czech demonstra- tions. The story becomes the more ugly when we learn that Sudeten Germans, and the Nazi State Secretary himself, Karl Hermann Frank, connived at the celebrations of the Czech Day of Independence, October 28th, which gave the first excuse for brutal S.S. intervention, and started the unrest which has led to the summary execution of more than too Czech students and the transportation of thousands to German concentration camps. The University and technical colleges have been closed for five years. Himmler's S.S. men have been given and have seized the opportunity to take pitiless vengeance on the Czech intellectuals. The Nazi rulers aim at crushing the spirit of the Czech people. Friends of Czecho-Slovakia, who are confident that the Czechs will not always be deprived of independence, and believe that they themselves some day may take a part in regaining it, must none the less deplore any premature attempt to raise revolt, which at this stage of the war can achieve little, and only end in brutal repression.