25 APRIL 1992, Page 19


A reader received this press release:

Mark Shakespeare was born in Wardle, Lancashire on August 21st 1963. Mark's parents — Mike and Barbara together with his younger sister Jane — now live

in Plymouth, Devon. A visit home for him these days is a rare luxury. We do not know whether or not Mark Shake- speare is a direct descendant of his namesake. One thing is for sure, at the black and white keyboards of his Bohm instruments, he is a 'Master of the Arts' in his own right.

Mark cannot remember a time when he was unable to play the piano. His parents tell their story of the absolute amazement at their small son, reaching through the bars of his playpen, and playing the first few bars of a well known nursery rhyme on the family piano ...

Mark started formal music training at six years of age and had been intro- duced to the world of classical organ by eleven. His love of church music led him to attend many residential courses, as a 'Head Chorister' with the Royal School of Church Music. He was later accepted as a pupil of Marion Lowe, herself a principal of the Sadlers Wells Opera Company ...

He was accepted into the Brayside International Stage School ... By the age of fifteen, Mark had completed his musical studies to licentiate standard and had received prizes, for the highest examination results.

Mark then gained much experience whilst working with other well known artists, in all spheres of musical activity.

By the age of sixteen Mark had won many national music competitions, recorded radio programmes for the BBC, and performed in concerts and shows, at such prestigious venues as the London Palladium. By the time he fin- ished his schooling, he had a signed recording contract in his pocket.

In the music press Mark was voted top in the categories of 'Organ person- ality of the year' and 'Best electronic organ record.' This meteoric rise to the top rank of performers, is a tribute to the hard work and determination Mark applied to every aspect of his music and presentation.

The rest is history...

Mark Shakespeare is now an elec- tronic keyboard wizard and showman of International repute. At the age of 23 he has gained the title 'King of the one man music show,' and has completed over twelve LP records. This truly unique combination of Musician and Showman must be seen and heard, to be believed.