25 DECEMBER 1880, Page 1

The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland prohibited by proclamation a meeting which

was to have been held at Cullohill, near Dar- row, in Queen's County, last Sunday, on the ground that "the said meeting, or assemblage, has been called together for the sake of denouncing and intimidating certain of her Majesty's subjects, named in or described in the placards summoning the meeting, and deterring them from exercising their legal rights ;" and though an attempt was made, in spite of this proclamation, to hold the meeting, those who made it were dispersed by the soldiers and police, and the meeting was not held. That was a very salutary exertion of authority, rendered possible without any change in the law, by the specification of illegal objects in the placards summoning the meeting. In general, however, the Land League has been wary enough to summon its meetings for ostensibly legal objects, and then devote them to the advocacy of purposes which the Government of Ireland believe to be both illegal and pernicious.