25 DECEMBER 1880, Page 22

Tins Trimble's Little Mother. By C. L. Mateanx. (Cassell, Fetter,

and Galpin.)—Miss Mateaux has woven together here a story of human and a story of bird-life. Tim Trimble is an adventurous spirit, who has left the dullness of a village life for the exciting career of an exhibitor of wild beasts, and comes back a broken-down roan to his old home. With what kindness he is there received, how he is helped, and how "the little mother," his daughter, as wise as she is pretty (but why give her the odious " fringe " in her picture ?) keeps his new home in order, is very pleasantly told. Side by side with this, we have the family chronicle of a nest of finches, one of which, unwisely straying from its nest, is lucky enough to get into the hands of the Trimble family. Here it was impossible not to travel on something of the same lines as those of Mrs. Trimmer's immortal story. Still, there is quite enough originality about this story to justify its existence. Especially notable is a very thorough and loving knowledge of bird life.