25 DECEMBER 1880, Page 23

The London Directory for 1881. (Kelly and Co.)—The publishers have

this year, in addition to improvements in the arrangement and classification, added several new features to their valuable office and business requisite which add considerably to its value and usefulness, one of them being the indication, in the streets in which they are situated, of unoccupied private houses in the West End, information which will be useful to persons wishing to secure residences in those localities ; another is a list of the crossing-points where the four-mile circle from Charing Cross ends. We also find that 61 streets have been added to the metropolitan district, 20 thoroughfares renamed and 42 renumbered. This year's publication is also remarkable for the freshness and accuracy of its" up to date " information, especially with regard to official appointments. The mounting of the large and carefully executed map is a decided improvement.