25 DECEMBER 1880, Page 3

A meeting of the Bread Reform League was held at

the Mansion House yesterday week, to promote the use of flour made from the whole wheat alter the outer husk or bran-husk has been taken off it by the process known as Dr. Morfit's. Bread so made was declared by the Rev. Professor Hen- slow, Professor Church, and other trained scientific chemists, to be far more nutritive and useful than either bread made with the whole husk including the bran, or the usual white bread. It was said that the bran contains irritating elements which often prevent it from digesting well, while the usual white bread is made only from the grain without that inner sheath which has in it much of the gluten, as well as of the phosphates, essential to the tissues of the body. The strongest testimony by Baron Liebig to the value of this inner sheath of the wheat, as one of the most valuable parts of the bread, was read to the meeting. An attempt has been made by an American che- mist, Professor Horsford, to restore the phosphates to the ordinary flour, so that the bread made by his and Messrs. MacDougall's process is as white as ordinary baker's bread, while Professor Horsford holds it to be as nourishing as the bread produced by Dr. Morfit's process ; and if this plan is really effectual, such bread, which is perfectly white, and of very good flavour, might find favour even where the semi-brown bread that includes the inner husk would be rejected ; for there certainly is an ignorant prejudice in many quarters against any but the whitest bread.