25 JUNE 1948, Page 17


StR,—The mention, by Janus, of a recent issue of a "neatly bound volume" of Bellows' French Dictionary revives memories of happy days gone by seeing that it was the only one in use at my father's school when I began to learn French in 1876 . . . since when " I have used no other "I I, too, keep " a little green leather copy " in my desk drawer, one of the very few books unearthed by the scavengers from the rubble the " bombers " left behind them on May 23rd, 1944, but the difference between the capital letters of masculine and feminine genders is very marked. I conclude this is not the case with the new issues, so I will be careful to " stick to my last," even though it be minus both covers.— Yours truly, C. LERMIT,