25 JUNE 1948, Page 17


SIR, —I see you have taken on yourself to belabour me for my chance remark at Hastings re sport and dagos. I think you might have taken the trouble to find out my meaning before taking your superior attitude —but I suppose it's fun to come the heavy over a bishop. I used the word " dago," not in any racial sense, but as denoting ungentlemanly and unsportsmanlike behaviour. It applies to any nation, even to us. Sports- men prefer to lose than to win by unfair means. And if you think the Olympic Games and national contests are guiltless, you must be green. Ask the President of the Toxophilites what happened in Prague recently, and whom he disqualified and why. Look up what happened to Jackson in his great race some years ago. And join me, not row me, for saying that sport is no sport unless it is clean sport, and that it's better to lose than to win by unsporting methods.—Sincerely yours, WALTER CAREY, Bishop.