25 JUNE 1948, Page 5

In referring last week to the vicissitudes of various Bristol

evening papers I inadvertently spoke of Lord Northcliffe founding the Evening World in 1929. I should, of course, have written the Northcliffe organisation (then headed by the first Lord Rothermere). Lord Northcliffe himself died in 1922. In that connection, I am very glad that Mr. Aneurin Bevan has been invited to give evidence before the Royal Commission on the Press. He had some severe strictures to pass at the Scarborough Conference on what he termed the prostituted Press of this country, and he can obviously help the Commission a good deal by giving chapter and verse for his criticisms. Having voted in favour of the appointment of the Commission (on one of the few free votes in this Parliament), he will naturally be anxious to give the Commission all the help he can. His evidence, when it is published, will be read with great interest.