25 MARCH 1882, Page 25

Dr. Casey gives us A Sequel to the First Six

Books of the Elements of Euclid (Hodges, Figgie, and Co.)—He has "endeavoured," we learn from the preface, "to select and arrange all those elementary

and geometrical propositions which a student will require in his mathematical course." The utility of the book, which has very modest and convenient proportions, is beyond question. Without intending to be original, it puts in a handy form a number of requisite things which often require much trouble to find. The volume is one of the "Dublin University Press Series."—Of other books intended for university or school use, we may mention Natural Philosophy, for London University matriculation, by Edward B. Aveling, D.Sc. (Stewart and Co.) ; Lessons in Elementary Mechanics, by Philip Magnus, B.Sc. (Longmans), a "seventh edition, enlarged ;" Experimental Chemistry for Junior Students, Part II., Non-metals, by J. Emerson Reynolds, M.D., F.R.S. (Longmans.) Of " popular " sixpenny editions of well known works, we have received :—Carlyle's Sartor Resartus (Chapman and Hall).—Tons Brown's School Days, illustrated (Macmillan).—G. J. Whyte-Mel- vine's Kate Coventry, (Longman, Green, and Co.)—Douglas Jerrold's Mrs. Candle's Curtain Lectures, illustrated, (Bradbury, Agnew, and Co.)