25 MARCH 1882, Page 2

East Cornwall has got an admirable candidate in Mr. Charles

Acland, son of the Member for North Devon, and the same who fought the gallant contest ip West Somersetshire two years ago. Mr. Acland is welcomed by the tenant-farmers as an excellent representative of their views, which, indeed, no one has studied and made his own more carefully than he. He is a man of marked ability and intellectual brightness, and is as thorough- going a Liberal as we have in the ranks of the party. And he had need be all this, to maintain—especially in a by-election— the Liberal cause against Mr. Tremayne, who is an able and certainly popular Conservative, sincerely respected by men of both parties. Nevertheless, we feel no doubt that

Mr. Charles Acland will fight the battle with success. His name itself is no small guarantee for confidence, and especially so in relation to the agricultural questions on which it is most likely that the election will turn.