25 MARCH 1882, Page 3

Esther Pay was on Wednesday committed for trial on the

charge of having murdered Georgina Moore, aged seven years, on December 20th last, near Yalding, in Kent. Esther Pay is the woman supposed to have taken with her from Pimlico into Kent a pretty little girl, against whose father she is believed to have borne a grudge, to have murdered her by strangling, and to have disposed of the body in the Medway, where it was found. The defence of the prisoner was reserved, but her legal adviser took the evidence of the father and mother —who are aged, and may possibly be unable to give their evidence in the trial at Maidstone,—to show that they had not seen her on the day in December on which she is accused of having murdered the child, and that, to the best of their know- ledge, she had never visited Yalding between last August and the visit begun on January 28th, during which she was arrested on suspicion in her father's house. The evidence pro- duced appears quite sufficient for a committal, as Mr. Par- tridge clearly thought when he committed her, and refused bail. But whether it goes beyond that point appears as yet very doubtful.