25 MARCH 1882, Page 3

Even the good work which Ritualists undeniably do, and the

lives of self-sacrifice which they lead, are due, it is broadly hinted in Evangelical quarters, to Beelzebub. We had occasion lately to refer to the noble work and rare self-sacrifice of the late Mr. Charles Lowder ; and we observe that the Prime Minister has called "the courage, the devotion, and utter self-sacrifice testified by those twenty-three years of untiring labour, one of the most splendid examples ever known." In this opinion, Mr. Gladstone agrees not only with High Churchmen, but with Broad Churchmen also. But the Record wrote a sneering review of Mr. Lowder's life, in which it could find no evidence of anything but a sinful waste of money on a " tawdry " ceremonial. "It is short-sighted to ignore the danger of allowing this mistaken experiment to pass unchal- lenged. Therefore, we have bestowed unusual notice upon a book and upon a life neither of which deserves it at our hands." This is the conclusion of the Record's article, and we leave our readers to draw the moral.