25 MAY 1850, Page 10

At Covent Garden, on Thursday, Grisi's performance of Alice, in

Ro- berto a Diavolo, could not have disappointed those who had considered the nature of the character and the qualities of the performer. Grisi cannot do anything positively ill ; but so imaginative and poetical a creation is not well suited to her strong but somewhat material and literal style. Nor is the music of the part well suited to her voice ; it requires more flexibility and nicer finish than she is now capable of. The consequence certainly was, a partial failure ; some of the things which Jenny Lind made most striking having been Comparatively mmo- ficed,—as the air, " Quand je quittai la Normandie," and the scene with Bertram at the cross; and her whole reception was colder than usual. Tamberlik was en excellent Roberto ; Formes's rude energy was not out of place in Bertram' Castellon was more than usually successful in Isabella; and Mario made more of the little part of Itansba4lo than was ever made of it before.