25 MAY 1850, Page 19


On the 15th May, at Goldington Hall, Bedfordshire, the Lady of William K. untie, Esq., of a son.

On the 18th, at Totes Court, Kent, the Wife of Hughes F. Ingram, Esq., of a son and heir.

On the 20th, at South Willingham Rectory, Lincolnshire., the Wife of the Rev. Andrew Corbett, of a son.

On the 20th, in Eaton Terrace, the Lady Caroline King, of a daughter.

On the 234, at Twyfurd Abbey, the Lady of Edmund Burke Roche, Esq., M.P., of a an and heir.


On the 7th May, at Florence, Guido Marquis Afannelli Riccardi, to Christine, third daughter of the late William Reader, Esq., of Baughurst House, Hants.

On the 15th, at Cilcain, Flintahire, Henry Romilly, Esq., of Liverpool, fourth eon of-the late Sir Samuel Romilly, to Rosa Gardiner, eldest daughter of the late James Pemberton Morris, Bag, of Bolton, Pennsylvania.

On the 16th, at Sydenhani, Captain Robert Price, Sixty-seventh. Regiment NI., second son of Ralph Price, Esq, of Sydenham, to Harnett, second daughter of the late Sir Charles Price, Bart., of Spring Grove, Richmond. On the 16th, at Blakeney, Norfolk, the Rev. Alexander Napier, Vicar of Holkharn, to Robina, fourth daughter of the Rev. Joseph Cotterill, Rector of Blakeney, and Honorary Canon of Norwich Cathedral. Du the 16th, at Old Windsor Church. Charles James Balfour, Commander R.N., second son of the late General Balfour, of Balbirnie, to Frances Harriet, only daughter of Captain James Wemysa. R.N., of Weni .ss Castle, and Tonic House, Fife. On the 21st, by the Rev. A. Luders and the Rev. M. Lunn, Captain Tennant, ILK., of Needwood House, Stafordeldre, eldest surviving son of the Lite William Tennant, Esq., and the Hon. Mrs. Tennant, to Anne Sophia, eldest daughter of Richard Temple, Esq., of the Nash, near Worcester.


On thel6th April at Aungua, the Hon. Paul Horsford, Member of her Shijesty's Council, and formerly Chief Justice of that island; in his 80th year. On the I lth May, at Malaga, whilst ou a cruise in his yacht, George Clarke, Esq., of Wyndham House, Brighton; in his 63d year. On the 13th, at Bath, Lieutenant-Colonel George Gregory, formerly of Montreal; in his 53d year. On the 13th, at Bath, the Rev. Robert Wallace, F.G.S., Minister of Trim Street Chapel, Bath, and formerly Professor of Theology in the Manchester New College.

On the 15th, at Venners, near Arreton, Isle of Wight, Miss Worsley Holmes, sis- ter of the late -Sir Leonard Worsley Holmes; in her 60th year.

On the 15th, in Cumberland Street, Major-General Sir James Sutherland, of the Hon. East India Company's Bombay Military Establishment.

On the 15th, at FitswilLiam Lodge, Blnckrock, near Dublin, the Earl of Ros- common.

On the 16th, in Pall Mall, Sir William Kay, Bart., of East Sheen, Surrey. On the 16th. in Weymouth Street, Portland Place, Louisa, Wife of Lieutenant- I Colonel Garrett, K.H. of the Forty-sixth Regiment. On the 16th, at Catisfield Lodge, Fareham, Captain Francis Brace, R.N. ; in his 57thyear. On the 17th, Sr James Flower, Bart., Mill Hill, Hendon ; in his 55th year. On the 17th, at Newport Pagnell, Mary, Widow of Charles Marius Hardy, Esq. ; in her 90th year.

On the 17th, at Feniscowles, Inncaelire, Mr William Feilden, Bart.; in his 79th


On the I8th, at the East India College, Halleybury, Mrs. Jeffrey. Widow of the late Lord Jeffrey.

On the 18th, sit-Woolwich, Frances -Caroline, daughter of )diejor-General Sir Hew

D. Ross ; in her 15th year.

On the 18th, iu Southwick Place. Gloucester Square, Ann Lyon, eldest daughter of the late Boa. Thomas Lyon, of Helton House, Durham.

On the 18th, in Oxford Terrace, Adelaide, only daughter of J. IL Harding, Esq., Wife of Henry Hamilton Cafe. Esq. ; iu her 20th year.

On the 19th, in Old Manor Street. Chelsea, John Strut% Esq.; in his 934 year. On the 21st, at Bushy Park Cottage, Teddington, General James Orde.

On the 224, at Streatham Lodge, Surrey, Margaret Coulthurst, spinster ; in her 92d year.

On the 22d, suddenly, in consequence of falling from the cliffs at Beach,y Head.

the Rev. Henry James, Vicar of 11 oa, Sussex ; in his 38th sear. On the 22d, at Edinburgh, the LadsJane Taller, wife of 51ajor'I'ayler, Rothiemay House, Banffshire, and sister of the Earl of Fffe.

On the 224, in Lowndes Square, Annie Hammond, wife of the Hen. George A. Browne.

On the 22d, at Busher Heath, Raphael Lamar West, Eaq., eldest son of the late Benjamin West, Esq., President of the Ronal Academy; in his Seth year.