25 MAY 1850, Page 5

Cht tout.

THE ceremony of churching the Queen was performed on Monday morn- ing, in the private chapel at Buckingham Palace.

Several royal and other distinguished visiters called early in the week, to congratulate her Majesty on perfect recovery, in anticipation of her flight to rural Osborne.

The Queen of the Belgians took leave, for the Continent, at about noon on Wednesday. The Royal Family set out for the Isle of Wight at about three on Wednesday afternoon, and arrived at Osborne long before dusk. The next day, we read bf early walks in the park and grounds of Osborne, which will perfectly reestablish her Majesty in wonted cheer and health. The Duteheas of Kent and the Prince of Leiningen followed her Ma- jesty, as visiters to Osborne, on Thursday.